Sports Betting

If you are a sports fanatic and have wanted to place a wager on sports in the past but unfortunately, you got scared of the mumbo jumbo such as point spreads, book making and odds, you don’t have to be scared no more.
I will help you know why you need to get out of your cocoon and learn how sports betting is a simple but very lucrative venture.

So what are sports betting?

Gambling had deep roots in the United Kingdom and like the colonials they were, gambling was transported over to the United States and gambling was entrenched in the American tradition.
Back then sports betting were placed on sports such as cock-fighting, boxing, and horse racing. If we go back to the 19th century, the main gambling was centered on horse racing and boxing came a close second.
But thanks to sports such as baseball and its popularity, the focus of sports betting shifted base to baseball and it took center stage.
By start of the 20th century, many sports such as college basketball, college and professional football garnered attention from people all over the country and sooner rather than later the western world became obsessed with baseball and basketball betting and in Europe football (Soccer) and rugby become popular. Today, sports betting is anywhere and everywhere as provided by interneta kazino and has a bright future ahead.
The earliest form of wagering involved the use of odds and it is a system that is still practiced up to today and it is known as the money line.

Evolution of the Sports Betting

Betting with money line procedure caused big problems for bookmakers and they were forced to develop a substitute. A high number of gambles were motivated to place bets on teams that were superior and were in better form than their opponents.
This made the outcome of the matches a predetermined conclusion that led to the losses for book makers. Right before World War II, bookmakers developed a new method of sports gambling that revolutionized the sports industry forever.
This evolution will bring the traditional casino to a higher standard of service.

Point Spread

In a nutshell, point spread is a handicap placed on the likely winner of any wager-able sport in points. As an example, if the Los-Angeles Lakers were best placed to win against Miami Heat the point spread for the game may be calculated at a high of 20 points.
It simply means, 20 points would be subtracted from the total score of the LA Lakers or the points would be added to the total score of the Miami Heat. It simply means that anyone who placed a bet on the LA Lakers team stand to make money if the Lakers team wins with a minimum 21 points.

On the other hand bets placed in favor of Miami heat stand to profit if Miami Heat win the game and even if the team loses the game, gamblers can still win as-long as Miami Heat lose by 19 or less points.
This new point spread development helped bookmakers better balance their books as bets on sporting events became evenly placed in comparison to the later betting system where a majority of gamblers placed bets on the same teams.

The Advent of Totals

Point spread became such a huge success that resulted to bookmakers discovering more betting options the public had the more bets they were likely to place. This new discovery led to yet another development of a new program known as the totals.
Totals (overs/unders) are a betting proposition that makes it possible for the gambler to bet on the total score of the two teams playing each other, no matter the game’s outcome.
NB: Sports betting has evolved numerous times and bookmakers continue to come up with more advanced betting procedures and opportunities, the newest betting development as of now are teasers and parlays.
But placing sports bet with traditional money line, point spread and totals remain as the most popular forms of sports gambling.

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